Share App

Click here to access the Share Application on your mobile device

To register with the Neighborhood Share Network, a mobile friendly application have been created to do all of the registration and posting and connecting with your neighborhood  and friends.  We recommend you review the Neighborhood Share Network Instructions page before registering.


We have purposefully built the application to be mobile (phone or tablet) friendly allowing you to create  share items that include photos can come directly from your mobile device.  It also works perfectly on full sized browsers too.  It is designed to look like an “app” but to be device independent (Android, or Apple)  we have built it as a web-based app.

NOTE: The program currently only handles JPG images 2MB or less.  If your phone camera attempts to download an image file bigger than 2 MB, you can resize the image by emailing the image to yourself and the phone will give your options to send the image at various sizes (small, medium, large, etc).   Select a much smaller file size and then read  the email on your phone, save that image back into your photos folder for later uploading either via the phone or the desktop.

Click on the icon below below to access the Neighborhood Share Network Web application or enter this address into your smart phone or tablet URL address in the mobile device URL line:


Add this “app” to your home screen

To add this “app”  to your home screen follow the appropriate steps for your mobile platform below:

Apple iOS – (iphones, ipads)

  • Launch the Safari browser on your mobile device
  • Enter the URL address of
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see an option button with an arrow that allows various sharing options.  Click on that arrow button.
  • Select the Add To Home Screen option and this web page will create an icon on your phone or tablet home screen.

Android/Google  Platforms (smart phones, tablets)

  • Launch the Chrome browser on your device
  • Enter the URL address of and launch the application.
  • Click on setting buttons and select the Add To home screen option
  • You should see an Neighborhood Share Icon added to your home screen