It’s FREE and easy to join the Neighborhood Share Network and start your own sharing network.


Basic Steps:


  • Register yourself/family on the Neighborhood Share Network website application.
  • Create your share catalog of your items  you wish to share.
  • Create your share network and Invite others to join your sharing network.
  • Start sharing and making new friends!



Description of the Sharing Network and definition of Sharing Network Terms

Sharing Network User and member – You can register yourself or your family /group organization with just a First and Last name, and group/organization and an email address, and phone number.

Items – You list the items with you wish to share with your neighbors and friends.  You define the stuff with a title,  optional picture,  and more detailed description and  category definitions.  You can also give the item status and borrowing expectations.

Sharing Network – You can create one or more sharing networks that define what items you share and to whom you share specific items.   This multiple sharing network approach allows you to carefully define different groups of friends that can share the items you have offered.

Inviting folks to join your sharing network –  To get your friends to join your network, the NeighborhoodShareNetwork will send your friends and neighbors a personalized emails inviting them to be part of your sharing network.    If they accept your invitation, they can view the items you have listed to share for that network.

Borrowing Network – If you get an invite to join another member sharing network, you will be able to view what items you can borrow from that network.

Borrowing process – To borrow an item, the person wishing to borrow can select one of the following options:

  • The person can directly email the person and negotiate  to share an item
  • The person can call the person directly and negotiate to share an item
  • The person can visit them in person and negotiate the sharing. (Preferred)


What does NeighborhoodShareNetwork provide?

Neighborhood Share Network helps promote neighborhood sharing by showing items  that your neighbors are willing to share that you may never know they have or offer to share.

What does Neighborhood Share Network NOT DO?

Neighborhood Share Network does not do any of the negotiating between neighbors or verify the item works or functional, available, safe, etc. 




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