Welcome to the Neighborhood Share Network User instructions.

This page will walk you through how to setup an Neighborhood Share Network account, add share items, create a share network and then invite your neighbors to join your newly create Neighborhood Share Network with the items  you are willing to share.  Let’s get started!

Step 1) Launch the Neighborhood Share Network web-based  on your favorite browser on your computer, phone or tablet at


Step 2: Click on the Register button and Register

Agree to the User Agreement Terms and complete the registration information and press the Create Account button at the bottom of the page.

Step 3:   Click on Share button and Add a new item


Select a simple item that you would consider loaning to your neighbors that is helpful, easily shared and yet not easily broken like a metal ladder.

First describe the item by defining it in the name, detailed description, item category and any borrowing restrictions fields.  You can edit and update these fields at any time.  Press the Submit bottom to enter this item.


Step 4: Add an optional photo of the share item

Click on the Review/Update item and click on the Add/Replace item photo link.  Some mobile/phone users can use the Take Photo button option to shoot and attach a photo directly with their phone/tablet by clicking on the BROWSE option or button or other users must select a picture from their computer file system from their machine..  We recommend a picture of not more than 800 pixels in any direction.   iPhone users can take a picture and email it to themselves with medium resolution and then attach the file.  It is best to attach a photo that is clear enough to view on a smart phone primarily.  Each picture size is limited to 2MB and only JPG images are allowed.  Future versions of the software will automatically resize the JPG file store to minimize space on the website storage.



Step 5) Create a Share Network

You can now create a Share Network to share this item.  You can create multiple share groups to define what items you offer to share to what neighbors and friends.  You might be willing to share a ladder to almost any neighbor, but maybe a smaller select group would you loan your lawn mover out to.

To create a share network, click on Network and then the Add New Share Network button.

Fill in the fields of the Network name like “Home Repair Tools” and select the “ladder” item to be added to this network and press Submit to create this Share Network



Step 6) Invite a neighbor or friend to join your share network.

Click on Network and Edit Share Network and find the network you just created.  Then expand the Invite New Members and then enter an email address of a neighbor or friend you wish to invite to join your share network.  You will send this user a personalized email and you can edit in the text box.  Press Submit when you are ready to invite the user to join your network.



How to borrow items from a share network

To borrow items, follow the steps below.

Step 1) Wait for an email invite from your friends and neighbors to join their share Networks!

Step 2)  Inside the email, click on the link to join to share network offered by your friends and neighbors.  This will take you to the application where you can confirm joining the network and register on NeighborhoodShareNetwork if you haven’t already done so.


Step 3) Finding items to borrow

Once you have joined a share network as a member (rather than a network owner of your own share groups), you can see what items are available to borrow by clicking on the Borrow button.

You can view items to borrow by your network memberships or you can find items by searching by item categories.

Step 4)  Select the item you wish to borrow and it will provide more details about the item and contact information about the owner so you can contact the owner directly.

You must contact the owner directly through your preferred choice of communication methods including EMAIL, phone or TXT or their front door!  Neighborhood Share Network does NOT  request or schedule any item borrowing, and you are encouraged to do it the old fashioned way!

Step 5)  You can update and define registration and  network(s) memberships by clicking on the Settings button once you are logged into NeighborhoodShareNetwork application.

Step 6) You can update your own Share network members and items by clicking on Network.

Step 7)  Start sharing!