Let’s start sharing again!  Almost everything we need from a ladder to a set of extra chairs, is probably available somewhere in our neighborhood that could be shared by our neighbors and friends.  This site helps you build that network of sharing neighbors and offers tools to see what things you available to you and list what you can offer to share as well.

Why Share?

Reduce consumer waste and reconnect with our neighbors

There are many reasons why we need to return back to the days of neighborhood sharing.  It is wasteful, expensive to buy and more importantly  store many items that we use only rarely.

It also helps us form some long lasting connections and trust in our neighbors.  Hopefully this site and the sharing tool will help encourage the neighborly sharing ethic that the previous generation experienced when they would be more likely to borrow from a neighbor rather than buy an item.

How Neighborhood Share Network Works

This site only does as a on-line tool to do what you would be naturally in sharing with your neighbors.  It allows you to list the items you wish to share to exactly your specified set friends and neighbors and nobody else.   To complete the actual borrowing and sharing transaction, we will provide some tools to initiate the request, but you must complete it with the old school neighborly skills or phone, in person or email and trust.

Neighborhood Share Network (NSN) does not provide any option to search for  list for neighbors, but instead you must do your own personal invitations to have others join your Sharing Network.  You should only allow those you know personally  and trust to share your stuff with to join your network, just as you would naturally.

We will never sell your contact information to other vendors.

Free – We plan to offer this service for free.

We are always looking for feedback on our site, processes and applications so feel free to contact us at Feedback@NeighborhoodshareNetwork.com


Neighborhood Share Network




Let’s get started!


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